Prizma Engineering

To achieve this goal,was founded in 2002 and operates as an independent Engineering and Consultancy company, providing services both domestically and internationally to government organizations, local authorities, and private sector firms. 

Since its establishment, our company has been committed to providing the best services to its customers in terms of cost, time, and engineering quality through a professional approach. 

With an experienced team that has been serving for many years, our company continues its operations at its head office in Istanbul. 

the environment, occupational health, and safety. Its compliance with the requirements of management system primary goal is to continuously improve its quality and technical capabilities compared to the previous year. One of its most important objectives is to be a respected, reliable, and successful company both in Turkey and abroad. To achieve this goal, Prizma Engineering has undertaken responsibilities in planning, designing, and executing significant facilities in various fields, including transportation structures and multi-purpose buildings, in countries like Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, successfully delivering its services.

In providing services to its customers, Prizma Engineering places a strong emphasis on quality, the environment, occupational health, and safety. Its compliance with the requirements of management system standards in these areas is certified with the Quality Management System (ISO 9001) certification.

• Specialized Technological Bridges and Viaducts 
      • Post Tension Bridges       
      • Steel Box Bridges 
      • Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges     
      • Cable Bridges     
• Urban Pedestrian Overpass and Underpass Projects 
• Interchange Bridges 
• Road and Highway Route Design Projects 

• Bridge-Viaduct and Building Repair-Retrofiting Projects
• Geotechnical Studies and Surveys 
• Rail System Routes and Structures
• Drilling and Cut-and-Cover Tunnel Projects 
• Industrial Structures 
• Treatment Systems
• Street and Square Renovations
• Construction and Project Consultancy


• To provide benefits in determining and meeting the technical and engineering needs of our customers that will fully meet them

• To work based on mutual trust with the supplier companies we work with

• To be a quality and sought-after brand company in the sector

• Realizing Better Projects in Full Harmony with Our Employees

• Developing Technologies and Continuous Improvement Over Time have determined and adopted compliance with environmental factors and legal issues as a quality policy