Prizma Engineering’s purpose is to create a structure that creates added value for its country and serves all humanity, creates employment, has competitive power, and aims to invest in other sectors. It attaches great importance to the employment, working conditions and training of personnel suitable for this purpose. It realizes this importance with the human resources strategies it has determined.

Human resources strategies created by Prizma Engineering;

  • Capturing and sustaining change,
  • To recruit individuals who are experts in their fields, with a broad vision, who can keep up with the times, who will adopt and keep the company mission alive,
  • To keep the motivation and productivity of all its employees at the highest level,
  • To gain teammates who are constantly develops, renews and improves itself,
  • To produce and implement training projects and to increase the added value that its employees provide to the organization.

If you want to join the Prizma Engineering family in line with these strategies, please send your CV to info@prizmagroup.net . The form you have sent will be evaluated as soon as possible.